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Memorize the Bible-New Link Included

How to Memorize the Bible

It is a daunting task, you might say, but memorizing the Bible can be done. It takes a daily committment of 15 – 20 minutes, and a keen awareness of the long-term committment and benefits of scripture memorization.

The following link has a PDF file that can be downloaded which explains the whys and hows of committing scripture to memory. Also included are a sample schedule of memorizing one verse per day (which is what I am doing), and a sample schedule of memorizing several verses per day (for larger books or faster memorization).

An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture
by Dr. Andrew Davis

Here are some suggestions based on my experience in learning the book of James:

In addition to saying the previous verses, write the verses in Word (or by hand), referring to the Bible as needed. Don’t get discouraged if you need to refresh your memory. You will memorize the verses if you continue saying and writing the scripture every day.

Don’t get hung up on memorizing the new verses on that same day. Use Dr. Davis’ approach of reciting the new verses 10 times. As you say the verses on consecutive days (“old verses altogether”), you will find that the memorization will become easier.

Memorize the verses at the same time each day, meaning in the same order of your day no matter what time you rise in the morning.

Keep In Mind
It is not a matter of just learning some verses, but realizing that eventually you will know the whole book. Patience is needed, most definitely!

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