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RICK WARREN and his friends: “BIRDS OF A FEATHER…”

Posted by susanb99 on April 5, 2008

By Sue Winter B.S., M.Ed.

(More important than the letters behind my name is the fact that I came to the Lord Jesus Christ as a repentant sinner and was born again when I received the gift of salvation by accepting the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior. As a believer, for over 50 years, I am very troubled about what is happening in Rick Warren’s “purpose driven movement”. My first paper, found at www.abrahamicfaith.com/James/Rick-Warren_Authentic_or.html , deals with Rick’s writings which are changing the gospel and deceiving seekers. This paper about Rick Warren and his friends came about because so many of Rick’s close relationships openly embrace and promote the New Age and/or New Age teachings. As a result Rick is opening the door for them to now impact the church from within. I ask that you let the facts below speak for themselves and that you prayerfully share this warning as the Lord leads you in the coming days. )

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

Remember this childhood saying? There is truth in this. We are judged by the friendships we make, for good or for bad. We all know that a politician who would frequently socialize with gangsters and known criminals or who quotes them in his speeches would likely end up under some kind of investigation. Our associations do reflect something about who we really are and our friends do influence us for good or for bad. So, when as children we were advised by older people to “Choose your friends carefully,” we look back and realize that that was and is still very good advice.

With this in mind I began to wonder about some of the people Rick Warren is friendly with. I mean he quotes a number of people favorably, which implies that they are worthy of our consideration. Many of them I’d never heard of so, being curious, I began researching them and I was frankly shocked by what I found. My research also led me to all kinds of disturbing connections that Rick has in his life with people who hold to ideas that are anything but honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

People in this paper interact with Rick in various ways. They share similar views as noted by the fact that Rick:

· teaches with them at conferences or does audio tape messages with them

· with his personal endorsements, which are published within their books, has publicly promoted their agendas

· works with them on organizational governing boards to promote their common goals.

· has received their praises and endorsements which he publishes in his own works

· and he includes their writings on his website, thus approving of and promoting their beliefs

BUT, sadly, these are people who treasure and promote beliefs that show them to be anything but authentic followers of the Biblical Jesus. These friends of Rick Warren’s are basically enemies of the Cross and in spite of the admonition we’re given to NOT be unequally yoked with unbelievers Rick embraces them, elevates them and even promotes their work and worldviews. Hopefully having read this paper you will watch for their names , warn our young people and be alerted to be on guard yourselves.

Rick Warren…. who is he really? It is the intention of this paper to help the reader discern for themselves who or what is driving Rick Warren and this “Purpose Driven Movement” which is taking the country by storm. Surely Rick himself is “purpose driven” and one can only wonder what his real purpose is in light of his associations?… Read More… (PDF file)

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