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Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2nd Timothy 3:5

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Patting Your Head & Rubbing Your Stomach at the Same Time

Posted by susanb99 on December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007 — If you have ever attempted the child’s game of “pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time”, you know that it is doable but it takes a bit of practice and focus. Some people are unable to do it at all, which is fine; it just causes brain confusion anyway. Training your hands to perform separate functions is unnatural; the different parts of the body are created to work together, not apart.

The Body of Christ is similar in function to the human body in that the different parts work together, with Jesus Christ as our Head. Deviating from the will of Jesus Christ is not an option; it’s like the child’s game: it serves no function and causes confusion; those who can perform the task have to reprogram or retrain their brains. All other parts of the body are put on hold while the retraining is accomplished.

Some evangelicals try to play the head/stomach game by reprogramming or redefining the doctrines of Christianity. They claim their motives are to kick-start a dying theology, their intentions are to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the level of the unbelievers. But those are not functions of the Body of Christ. They are illusions of how Christians (Body of Christ) function.

One evangelical who has been endevouring to redefine Christianity is Rick Warren. Here is a quote

God has not called me to be original; He only calls me to be effective. Online Source

I have a question for Mr. Warren. Was Noah ‘effective’? He preached for many years, and who responded to his call to repentance? No one except his family. Every single person in the world perished except those who repented. So what was HIS problem? Were his methods antiquated and dull? Obviously not, since in Hebrews he is commended for his FAITH, not his effectiveness.

Effectiveness means absolutely nothing. We are to be part of the Body of Christ, serving the Head faithfully, not separately — trying to pat our heads and rub our stomachs.

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