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PEACE 2.0 – Spiritually Empty

Posted by susanb99 on October 21, 2007

October 21, 2007 — Nearly four years ago, Rick Warren introduced the PEACE Plan, a global plan to address poverty, illiteracy, and disease. Included in this sweeping scheme was the “P” in PEACE – Plant Churches. Last year the “P” was changed to Partner with Local Churches.

The “P” in the PEACE Plan represents the only reference to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without the planting of biblically-sound churches, the maker of the PEACE Plan, Rick Warren, is not in any way preaching the Gospel. The PEACE Plan is a facsimile, a substitute, for Jesus’ Gospel.

In Warren’s presentation of PEACE 2.0, he has changed the “P” again. This time the “P” stands for Promote Reconciliation, a decided departure from the preaching-the-Gospel façade that Warren has built up over the years – Warren’s sheepskin is wearing thin.

The Latest “P” – Reconciliation
Article by Herescope

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