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The REAL Gospel

Posted by susanb99 on March 13, 2007

March 13, 2007 — On March 7th, Rick Warren was interviewed on Nightline, an ABC television information/interview show, regarding “Purpose Driven Strife”, a fluffy look at the conflict in churches that change to the purpose-driven format. The interview consisted of the usual Warren-isms, self-effacing and self-absorbed mantras that Warren is so well-known for.

Does anyone care that Mr. Warren apparently doesn’t have a clue what the REAL Gospel of Jesus Christ is? Here is a quote from the interview:

Warren: Every church has to make the decision of if it’s going to live for itself or is it going to live for the world that Jesus died for.

Interviewer: So do you think that some of these splits are actually because Christians themselves are indulgent and refusing to change?

Warren: Oh, without a doubt!

Interviewer: You blame them?

Warren: I DO blame them!

What are the choices that Warren has proposed for these churches? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not (unsurprisingly) one of the choices. Should they preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the ONLY power of God unto salvation, or should they do like Warren says and LIVE FOR THE WORLD?! What a quandry! What SHOULD they do?!! (yes, I’m being sarcastic) According to the Bible, churches are meeting places for the believers, a place for exhortation, encouragement. Churches are NOT a social hip-hop / contemporary / reggae / rock music scene for the indulgent unbelievers. The believers, the ones who are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, are to preach and teach the Gospel outside of the church, in the highways and byways. But how will the “churchy” people know the Gospel if they are told to “live for the world”?

Mr. Warren is redefining the core doctrines of Christianity and so many people are blind to his slippery, deceiving “truths”.

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