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Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2nd Timothy 3:5

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The Mosquito Factor

Posted by susanb99 on March 1, 2007

March 1, 2007 — We all know what mosquitoes are – pesky little flying, buzzing insects who survive on blood. Some people just brush them away, others are allergic to their bite, causing itching and swelling of the affected area, and some people contract debilitating or deadly diseases.

The steady errosion of the basic doctrines of Christianity, the very beliefs that Christianity is based on, is well-documented by Jesus Himself and also by the apostle Paul. There are numerous warnings: beware of false prophets, seducing spirits, doctrines of demons, protect yourself with the Armor of God from the wiles of Satan, the falling away from the faith by many (apostasy). Doctrinal errosion can be perceived as annoying or outright deadly. According to the Word of God, it is deadly; one’s very soul is at stake. Rick Warren is one who doesn’t bother “contending for the faith”. As long as he can work with a person or group spreading the “social gospel” of his PEACE Plan, he is quite content.

A pastor sent an email to James Sundquist of Rock Salt Publishing. Here is the email:

I’m persuaded to not endorse Warren’s teachings, but with all the truly dangerous enemies of the church around us, investing anything more than nominal time and resources attacking Rick Warren seems criminally wasteful.

The homosexuals, for example, are taking down centuries-old “mainstream”
denominations right and left with genuine heresy that threatens the very future
of Christianity in the world, and they (and their allies) now hold most of the
gate-keeping positions in academia, media and government in this country. Warren
is a mosquito of a problem by comparison.

There is a war going on here and we’re losing it because the church is distracted by far lesser matters.

Respectfully, your obvious talents are needed on the real battlefield.

(Name Withheld)

And here is James’ reply (edited):

Dear (Name Withheld),

Thank you for your reply. I am certainly glad that you are not persuaded to endorse Warren’s teachings. Nevertheless, I would like to respond to your objections:

1. If Warren is simply a mosquito of a problem why did you inquire of me for particulars on him?

2. If Warren is simply a mosquito, how has he sold 30 million books, virtually taken over denominations and even a country like Rwanda?

3. Tell the host of churches and families he has destroyed that he is just a mosquito…

4. The Apostle Paul calls Warrenite covenants such as forced tithing which are binding putting them back under the law…Is what Paul calls a curse simply a mosquito?

5. God himself curses anyone who tampers with the land of Israel which belongs to the Jews…which Warren promotes in his view on Israel and the alliances he has
formed….is this a mosquito too or a Global issue for the church? Is what God
calls a curse simply a mosquito?

6. Mainline churches have long abandoned the Gospel, so they are Ichabod (the Glory of the Lord has long been lifted from them) and they are the Church of Laodicia…

7. Marking false teachers and warning the flock when there are wolves in the sheepfold is not as you put it “criminally wasteful” but obedience to Christ’s commands and the Apostle Paul’s as well…

8. Ask leading evangelists in Africa like Loren Davis, or South African professor Johan Malan, or Kato Mivule (Christian Magazine editor in Africa), or Christo Pretorius or Andre L Immelman or Julius, the Editor of MIRACLE MAGAZINE in Kenya, or Dr. Hannes Opperman loristoabsa@absamail.co.za if Warren is a mosquito in Africa or a scourge?…

9. Since you list homosexuality as a dangerous enemy (and I agree), how is it possible for you to exclude Rick Warren as a dangerous enemy to the church when he IS in fact one of their allies…and says the following on Charlie Rose Show:

In the same vein, Warren said that we don’t have to have the same eligion or moral beliefs to work with people on poverty, disease, etc. As an example he said he just met with the President of the gay-activist group ACT UP, and asked him, “Eric [Sawyer], how can I help you get your message out?” Sawyer answered, “Use your moral authority.” Warren then said to Rose, “I’m working with these guys … I’m looking for a coalition of civility, which means let’s get back to the original meaning of

Warren has made a terrible distortion of what Scripture actually says…

10. Your great concern about those who “now hold most of the gate-keeping positions in academia, media and government in this country” are the very people who comprise Rick Warren’s three-legged stool (commerce, church, government) which he derived from his mentor Peter Drucker…

The fact remains even if he is a mosquito, he is a mosquito with Malaria that has given birth to myriads of swarms that have infected a host of swamps in many countries. And if you want to liken him to a mosquito, though small, to a little
leaven. A little leaven, leaveneth the entire lump, if left unpurged, or as you
put it “nominal time.” And would you like a list of the liberal elites that Warren had speak at his last AIDS Conference and his unholy alliances with Gay activitists and Abortion Rights activist and as you call them “their allies”?

No my friend, I have picked the right battlefield and ironically, it is in part the same one you are fighting on.

So do still think Rick Warren is not a real enemy and opposing him is criminally wasteful and a distraction?

Kindest regards in Christ,

James Sundquist

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