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What Is Rick Warren Doing In Syria?

Posted by susanb99 on November 14, 2006

November 14, 2006 — According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Rick Warren met with the Syrian Grand Mufti to discuss peace in the Middle East, noting that 80% of the American people disagree with U.S. policy. He has also discussed a scientific program exchange (between the U.S. and Syria) with the Syrian Education Minister.

Has Warren replaced Condoleeza Rice as the U.S. Secretary of State? And why is the American press mum about Warren’s representation of the United States to a terrorist regime?Here is a denial from Rick Warren refuting what he is claimed to have said to the Syrian clergy and government. Warren Denies Praise for Syria

Franklin [Graham] told me, ‘Thank the Syrian president for protecting the freedom of Christians and Jews to worship there.’ After what I [Warren] had seen in the churches I’d visited, I did just that.

JEWS have religious freedoms in Syria??? It would be outright laughable if it wasn’t so sad….

His “denial” does not negate all of what he said. I have a question for Mr. Warren:WHY do you believe Syrian propoganda??

Audio of Rick Warren’s YouTube video regarding Syria
Article by Joseph FarahA Syria video is included in Rick Warren’s sermon at Saddleback Church:

(Warren has claimed he did not take any video while in Syria)

SANA articles:
American Priest Says no Peace without Syria
Higher Education Minister meets US Pastor Rick Warren
American Personalities Criticize US Foreign Policy
President al-Assad discusses with American Pastor Warren relations between Syria and the USA

Press Release from VCY America:
Purpose Driven Terror? Rick Warren’s Syrian Trip an Outrage

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